Why Facebook Pages Are Important To Your Business

In recent years, Facebook has taken steps that have made it harder for small businesses to get their page's content to show up in the feeds of people who like their page. This was done because there are just so many business pages and personal pages competing for space, it only made sense to lend more space in a person's feed to their family and friends.

Many business owners began to believe that because their pages didn't show up in the newsfeed, there was no longer any reason to put any effort into creating a new post for their page.

While the reasons for having a Facebook page for your business and posting to it often have changed, it is actually more important than ever due to one key reason.

Why Facebook Pages are important to your business more now than ever.

The role of a Facebook Page has changed dramatically in the last few years. Today a Facebook page is extremely valuable to businesses because it is the second place (behind only your website) that people search for when they are looking to know more about you.

And more specifically, people go to your website to see the professional image of your business. They come to your Business' Facebook page to get a sense of the personality of the business.

Statistics show that people are increasingly using Facebook as a way to pre-research a business when they hear about them from a friend or from a more traditional marketing source (radio, tv, print, etc).

While keeping the above info in mind, we would like to show you just what it is we do to help our clients stay ahead of their competition. And more importantly, how to use their Facebook page to convert new business every single week.

These Are The Top 5 Things Your Facebook Business Page Must Have:

#1: A Professional Profile Picture with your Logo.

This will be the first thing people use to judge your business when they land on your business page. It's also what they see when you promote your business with a Facebook Ad. Make sure that your picture features your logo, looks professional, and avoid making it too complicated.

#2: A Professional Cover Picture.

Your page's cover photo is a great place to showcase your staff, facility, or to give people a hint to message your business to receive something of value.

#3: A Completely Filled out Business Profile.

Don't forget, you are optimizing your page to help people find you in your local market. A way people can find you is when they use Facebook's search box. This means that you need to pay close attention to how you fill out your business page profile.

#4: Fresh Content Posted Twice Daily.

Another important thing that you can do with your business page is to make sure that it stays current and that it educates people about your services. To stay current on Facebook and to appeal to their algorithms, you should post content no less than 2 times a day on your business page.

#5: A Messenger ChatBot To Answer Questions.

A sample FAQ ChatBot Flow

Your staff may not be able to answer every message that gets sent to your Facebook page right away. Because of that, we setup a quick a Messenger ChatBot to answer all FAQ your business might have to answer. This allows your staff to focus on the day-to-day and redirect all information and interruptions that are irrelevant, unimportant, or unactionable. There are now over 20 Billion messages being sent between businesses and customers every month. So if your not currently receiving a ton of messages, you will soon.

I hope this gave you a good foundation so that you understand how your Facebook business page should look and work for you. If you have any questions at all about how to implement any of the above for your business page, feel free to contact us and just ask.

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