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Can I see where you're currently at with your Digital Marketing Plan? This question is usually answered with a raised eyebrow and followed with "a what?" 

Very few people map out their marketing objectives which are essential to having a strong ROI when marketing your business. 

Because what gets measured, gets managed. 

How else are you going to know what you are doing is actually working? 

Most small businesses are doing digital marketing these days. And the majority are using Facebook advertising. However, very few are mapping out their marketing goals, marketing objectives, or defining any marketing metrics. We call this HOPE marketing.

What's Hope marketing?

Hope marketing is when a business owner Relies on strategies that aren’t backed by numbers. They look at launching marketing campaigns purley from a creative, feel-good perspective and rely on their gut rather than data to make marketing decisions. 

The error these Hope Marketers make is concentrating on social media metrics- impressions, views, followers, and likes - instead of tracking actionable data - new customer acquisition, customer retention, and customer lifetime value. It's an expensive strategy for business owners to randomly boost posts on social media and believe somehow that will turn into new business.

If you're a dentist, would you perform a root canal before looking at an x-ray?

If you own a restaurant, would you have your servers bring out food and drinks to your customers before taking their order?

So why take such a reckless approach with your digital marketing strategy?

The most important first step you can make when marketing your business is learning how to map out your marketing objectives. This gives you a clear cut path to designing and building an online sales system to drive more traffic, convert more leads, and generate more revenue. So what's the most effective way to map out your marketing objectives? By learning the marketing map solution.

Marketing Map Solution

Highland, Ca
marketing map solution

Start with your marketing goals in mind. What's the end game? Visualize it. You can't hit your target if your sights aren't set on it. Get clear with what your goals are.

Who's your target market? If you haven't defined your target market, what chance do you have at success? Take the time to identify your ideal client. Create what's called an avatar profile. You can download one here from Digital Marketer. Few ever do this. But it’s essential in becoming successful with your digital marketing moving forward.

What's the plan? Define your client acquisition strategy. What do the ads look like? What do the automated sales funnels look like? Map it all out and delegate who will be doing what, then focus on it.

Define the timeline. When will you get there? What does a successful marketing goal look like to you? A timeline holds  you accountable.  If you don't map out your goals, are they even real? Or is it just talk? It’s important to have weekly meetings to report on progress.

What's the budget? You have to pay to play nowadays. How much do we need to reach our marketing goals? It's going to be very hard to compete in today's highly competitive market place without spending the necessary budget for online advertising.

Would you like us to map out a custom marketing strategy for your business for FREE? Just go below and pick out a time to jump on a one-on-one strategy call with one of our team members here at LMT. There is no obligation to work with us and the marketing map is yours to keep and 100% FREE.