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The Local Marketing Map Solution
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Can I see where you're currently at on your Digital Marketing Blueprint? This question is usually answered with a raised eyebrow and followed with "a what?" Very few people map out their marketing objectives which are essential to having a strong digital foundation. Because what is measured can be monitored. How else are you going to know what you are doing is actually working? 

Most small businesses are doing internet marketing these days, whether that's with Google PPC (pay per click) or Facebook advertising. However, very few are mapping out their marketing goals, marketing objectives, or defining marketing metrics. I call this spray and pray marketing.

What's spray and pray marketing?

The amateur photographer mindset that it does not matter how many pictures you take, you only need "one good one" to make the client happy. While spray and pray works for amateur photographers, it's an expensive "strategy" for business owners. I mean, you want better results than converting 1 out of a 100 potential leads for your business, right? It's a terrible idea for a small business to randomly boost posts on social media and believe somehow that will turn into new business.

If you're a dentist, would you pull a tooth before looking at an x-ray?

If you own a restaurant, would you have your servers bring food and drinks to a table before taking their order?

Would you take a road trip without knowing the route?

So why take such a reckless approach with your digital marketing strategy?

The most important first step you can make when marketing your business is learning how to map out your marketing objectives. This gives you a clear cut path to designing and building an online sales system to drive more traffic, convert more leads and increase your revenue. So what's the most effective way to map out your marketing objectives? By learning the marketing map solution.

The Local Marketing Map Solution

Highland, Ca
Local Marketing Map Solution

Start with your marketing goals in mind. What's the end game? Visualize it. You can't hit your target if your sights aren't set on it. Get clear with what your goals are.

Who's your target market? If you haven't defined your target market, what chance do you have at success? Take the time to identify your ideal client. Create what's called an avatar profile. You can download one here from Digital Marketer. Few ever do this. But it’s essential in becoming successful with your online advertising moving forward.

What's the plan? Define your client acquisition strategy. What do the automated sales funnels look like? Map it all out and delegate who will be doing what, then prioritize it.

Define the timeline. When will you get there? What does a successful marketing goal look like to you? A timeline is your accountabillaBUDDy. If you don't map out your goals, are they even real? Or is it just talk? Have weekly meetings to report on progress.

What's the budget? You have to pay to play nowadays. How much do we need to reach our marketing goals? It's going to be very hard to compete in today's highly competitive market place without spending the necessary budget for online advertising.