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Customers Prefer to Order Directly From Your Restaurant

If you're not providing your customers a way to order and pay online, you're leaving money on the table. And a lot of it. According to Joe Guszkowski of the Restaurant Business publication, Consumer's desire to order directly from restaurants is a big opportunity. Consumers are using these third-party services even though they say they don't want to. Infact, 70% say they’d rather order directly from a restaurant. Because they want their money to go straight to the restaurant and not a third party.

What do restaurant professionals think about third party apps? 43% of them believe they interfere with their direct relationship with their customers. That's because they do not share access to customer data. And in 2021, with a pandemic and regular shutdowns. Data is king. Without this, it's hard to grow your marketing efforts and give a personalized experience.

But only 18% of restaurants are offering their customers a way to order online.

These statistics should excite you if you're a restaurant owner. The upside to this is massive.

Customers want to order from the restaurant. Restaurants know third party apps interfere with the customer relationship. But only a small percentage of restaurants allow their customers to order online. Plus, The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) shows that 69% of people prefer to order online with their mobile devices.

“Not every restaurant is spending as much on customer acquisition as DoorDash and GrubHub and Uber Eats, so [consumers] may not have it on their phone or not be aware of it.” - Eli Portney

The restaurant business is a thin margin business to begin with. So you want to keep your cost of customer acquistion as low as possible. So how do you compete with the third party apps spending a ton on customer acquistion? According to Facebook, people and businesses exchange 20 billion messages on Messenger every month. There is an audience of over 1.7 billion people on Messenger. These are the type of stats that excite us as a marketing agency. We know they want to use their mobile phones and what platform they use to interact with businesses. It's a home run.

How Can Restaurants Take Advantage of This Big Opportunity?

By allowing your customers to order with your restaurant. From their mobile phones using Messenger. Imagine your restaurant having its own AI ordering bot. With AI and Messenger, your customers can order directly with your restaurant. Without costing you 30% for each sale made.

Your customers are interacting with your restaurant's Facebook Messenger. They're confident knowing their money is going to the restaurant and not a third-party app.

And using AI on Messenger allows you to build and grow your relationship with your customers.  91% of consumers say they’re more likely to shop with brands who recognize, remember and provide them with relevant offers and recommendations. This is what AI on Messenger can do for your restaurant. Remember customer names, email, phone numbers, favorite menu items, and birthdays. The conversation is all automated. This creates a unique one-on-one conversation with little to no human attention.

It's hard to remember everyone who comes into your restaurant.  And when a regular says, "I'll have my usual" your left trying to remember what that is. It can be a little awkward. But with AI and Messenger, that customer would be greeted by first name. And the AI would ask if he wants his usual or try something new today.

What about generating new customers?

AI and Messenger can do that too. You can send ads to potential customers within a 5 mile radius of your restaurant using Facebook ads. These ads click to Messenger. This allows customers to order from your restaurant inside the ad they receive. In order to redeem the offer from the ad, customers have to enter their email and phone number. This builds a database of interested customers that you can retarget on a regular basis.  

Customers can even sign up for your loyalty program inside messenger. The loyalty card and coupons are stored in their wallet on their phone. From their phone, they can view their points and redeem offers from your restaurant.

To get this system up and running for your restaurant we urge you to schedule a one-one-one strategy call with us.

On this call, we will dive deep into how we can help your business take advantage of this big opportunity that most restaurant's are ignoring. We will map out a custom restaurant marketing strategy for you that will increase sales by at least 20% this year. This call is  free of charge and lasts anywhere between 15-30 minutes. There are no obligations to work with us and the restaurant marketing strategy is yours to keep. Schedule your Free call Today.