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5 steps To Customer Acquisition in 2021

The advantage of digital marketing for small businesses is that it has leveled the playing field. Your business can now advertise the same way as fortune 500 companies. This step by step post is going to show you how to run ads to your local market the same way large companies advertise on a global scale. You no longer need to run expensive TV and newspaper ads that can't track results for your business. With digital marketing, you can advertise straight to your target market and get the most bang for your buck.

The Five Steps To Customer Acquisition

STEP 1: The First step to acquiring customers online is create a great offer. There's no better way to grab people's attention than with an offer. As we've already stated, large companies are using online marketing so users are seeing a ton of ads on social networks. The average Facebook user is seeing upwards of a 1000 ads per day. You want to make sure you stand out from the competition here. Keep in mind that every business is running a 25 - 50% off sale so that will not be as effective for your business. Your potential customers have seen a thousand of those today and they no longer care. Stand out by using the word FREE. Giving something away for free is a great way to stand out for the competition and get new customers to your business.

STEP 2: Step 2 creates a landing page for your offer. This is where you detail the rules and regulations of your offer and get people to sign up. You will want to use a timer to add a sense of urgency for your offer. On This page you will also want to have a Facebook pixel set up in order to track website visitors and send retargeted ads to those who clicked on your ad but for whatever reason, didn't claim your offer. Keep your landing page simple. All you need is a photo of your product or service in the background and the offer...that's it.

Sample landing page

STEP 3: Advertise your offer on social media. Whatever your business or service is, your customers are guaranteed to be on social media. The average American spends an hour a day on Facebook. Target people in your local market that you think will be interested in your offer. Funnel potential customers to your landing page so they can sign up and in return, you get their information. Don't forget you have a Facebook pixel set up on this page to retarget anyone who doesn't claim your offer.

Sample offer on Facebook

STEP 4: Gather emails and phone numbers from your landing page. Having a strong and active customer database that you own is the most important asset for any business and its marketing strategy.In order for potential customers to claim your offer, they have to enter their information. You now have their names and emails for future follow-ups and offers. You send an email response and text message to confirm they received your offer. On the thank you page, add another sense of urgency with another timed offer. For example - "Redeem your voucher in the next 48 hours and we'll even throw in a second dessert for a friend." This continues the sense of urgency and ensures they don't forget about their claimed offer.

A sample thank you page.

STEP 5:  Retarget website visitors who didn't claim your offer. Because you set up your Facebook pixel on your website, you can now run separate ads to only the people who clicked on your ad but didn't claim your offer. You can send follow up ads on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Google and partnering sites. Retargeting is where the money is made. Only 2% of people buy or make an appointment for the first time clicking on an ad. With retargeting you can follow up with the 98% of people who may have left your site.

If any of this seems overwhelming, just let us know, we want to help. We can create a strategy for you in a complimentary 30-minute strategy session. You'll come out with a map solution pointing you in the right direction, to increase your revenue for your business. Also, if you would like to download the infographic below, you can do that here.