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Are You Closing Your Eyes To The Potential Of DIGITAL MARKETING?

Highland, CA

The Take over Mindset

The mindest that you will no longer permit ANY marketing of your business without accurate tracking, measurement, and accountability. Forget about likes, views, and engagement.

You can't deposit likes into your bank account.
You can't buy food with views.

Moving forward, every marketing dollar must be tracked and the return must be measured. Because what gets measured, gets managed.
If you're tired of the little leaks from traditional marketing that cause you to go broke. And you're open minded to trying a new approach that will plug those holes. Plus, generate customers on demand. Then schedule a FREE strategy session with us today.
Highland, CA

The Failure of traditional marketing

Traditional marketing fails to provide trackable, bottom line, real world results. This is true for the majority of businesses. And the numbers prove it. The financial reality in every industry, every profession, and every population are that:

  • 1% create enormous income and wealth
  • 4% do very well
  • 15% earn good livings
  • 60% struggle
  • 20% fail

TL;DR - 80% do poorly and 20% succeed. Why then would you want to copy the marketing done by the majority when facts show it fails them? Why follow that path to frustration and failure? 

How Come Some People can Start a Business and make millions, while others struggle to make rent? 

It's because the business owners who make millions. With Lines out their doors, and sales days that would trump others best sales months. They have a predictable system for generating new customers. And they know these two numbers like the back of their hand. And those two key metrics are:
  • The cost to capture the attention of a new customer.
  • The cost to convert that interested customer into a paying customer.
When you have a system set up and you know these two numbers. Every month is as easy as looking at your database. And seeing how many new customers were interested in your business by joining your database.  And how many of them spent money with you in-store or online. Then every month, spend a predictable amount of money to generate customers when you want them.
So if you're tired of feeling like your pushing a boulder up a mountain. Or trying to pull a rabbit out of your marketing hat. Not knowing if what you're doing is working. Not knowing if your marketing strategy is benefiting your business at all. Then schedule a FREE strategy session with us today. On this call we will find the biggest opportunities to start applying right away. Plus, plug holes of missed opportunities to generate more revenue for your business.

Bridging the GAP
For OUR clients

Our Digital Marketing Strategy lets you focus on running the day-to-day of your business. While bridging the gap of where you are today, compared to where you should be in your local market. If you don't have the right people, time, or expertise in maximizing your ROI with online marketing. Schedule a call with us today.

Build your DATABASE today

When compared side by side, it's difficult to justify using traditional marketing over digital marketing strategies that includes a database. The use of a database and the ability to re-engage with your customer base is much too powerful to ignore. Having a strong and active customer database is the most important asset for any business and its marketing strategy.

Why Take Part in your LOCAL MARKET
When you can tAKE it OVER

How we can help your company


Is your website designed to bring you more customers or does it look too much like your competition? Find out HERE to see if your website is costing you customers.

MEssenger chat bot

Over 20 Billion messages happen every month on Messenger between businesses and customers. Request a 15 minute demo and see what our chatbots can do for you.

automated marketing system

Only 2% of customers buy the first time. The biggest mistake businesses make is not having a system in place to retarget their lost website traffic.

You Can Laugh at
mONEY pROBLEMS - if You Follow This Simple Blueprint.

Get a complimentary, 16-Point, In-Depth assessment of your website and marketing with a 15-minute Strategy session.

This Blueprint is GUARANTEED to get you more leads whether you choose to work with us or not. What do you have to lose?

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to design and develop a website?

Including our first kickoff meeting together where we get an idea of what you want for your website and 1 round of revisions, it usually takes us about 2 weeks to design and develop a website for you.

What are you hourly rates?

We do not have hourly rates. It is already built into the project.

What do I need to start a project with you?

Contact us here or call us at (909) 255-9661

Where are you located?

1752 E. Lugonia ave. Ste 117, Redlands, Ca. 92374

I still have questions, how can I contact you?

We love answering questions. If you have any contact us here or call us at (909) 255-9661

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Highland, CA
Highland, CA
Highland, CA
Highland, CA
Highland, CA
Highland, CA
Highland, CA
Highland, CA